May 10, 2011

9:51 AM
In the Premier League matches to be played on 10 May 2011 we will have two of the contendars for the fourth Position in the league as Manchester City host Tottenham Hotspurs on Tuesday night at City of Manchester Stadium. You can all tune in here to get all the information and the results update for the match here, we will be placing match highlights as well as the goals video which will be available closer to start of the match.

Manchester City are playing some sublime football, at the moment they are in the FA Cup final as well as the playing better in the league and almost certain to finish 4th unless they loss all of their games in the league. They have kind of ecompleted their target for this year which was to get into the Champions League next season and win some domestic honour and they are almost their. It will be interesting to see how this match will go about. You can always tune in here to get the live action of the match here we will be placing match highlighs here.

Tottenham on the other hand are a team which play better football, but they are not in the good form at the moment and all their early season form has been faded away which is a worry for Harry Redknapp. He will be hoping that they can beat City and snatch the Champions League position from them.

Manchester City vs Tottenham Hotspurs:
Date: 10 May 2011, Time: 10 May 2011
Vanue: City of Manchester, Stadium

Match Results and Goals Video
[ Manchester City 1-0 Tottenham Hotspurs ]
30' [1 - 0] P. Crouch (o.g.)