Sep 12, 2012

8:14 AM

In the UEFA Champions League season 2012-2013 we will have the start of this year's campaign on 18th September and this year we will have some exciting matchup's in the group stages with the likes of Manchester City and Real Madrid in the same group we can expect two great games and this Group D is also considered as the group of death as they have, English Champions Manchester City, SPanish Champions Real Madrid, German Champions Brossia Dortmund and of course Dutuch Champions Ajax and that makes every game in this group unpredictable and although many people beleive Real Madrid and Manchester City should get through this group with ease but it will be tough and they will have to cut their work out.

Real madrid have been playing some sublime football in the last 1 year, and this year they have already defeated Barcelona in the Spanish Super Cup and they will be defending their title under Jose Mourinho but they trophy they really want is the UEFA Champions League and they will be starting their campaign against Manchester City on 18th September 2012 and we will be placing live streaming links of the game here.

Manchester City are of course defending Champions of English Premier League, and they were booted out of the CHampions League last season in the group stages and this season they would like to go a step ahead and go as far as they can in the Europe'e elite event.